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Mermaid helps Jan De Nul Group in better assessing weather risk for offshore operations

Mojo Maritime are pleased to announce that offshore construction specialists Jan De Nul Group are now licenced for Mermaid® use.

Mermaid allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover the risks and identify critical operations before going offshore. A number of significant players in the marine industry already use Mermaid to analyse their operations as relates to weather risk; Jan De Nul are the latest to join the user group.

Dr Rich Walker, Senior Marine Operations Analyst at Mojo Maritime said, “Jan De Nul Group share our philosophy for reducing operational risk and we’re delighted to have them as an active part of our Mermaid user community.”

Sven Cras, Project Engineer in Offshore Renewables at Jan De Nul Group said, “The prompt user assistance from Mojo Maritime was definitely an important advantage when we chose the Mermaid licence.”

To find out more, visit http://mojomermaid.com

Mermaid addresses technical breakdown on marine operations

Mojo Maritime are pleased to announce that Mermaid®, their innovative marine operations planning and weather risk analysis tool, now addresses technical breakdown on marine operations.

“Weather is a critical and difficult-to-control risk on marine operations; and for many years, Mermaid® has been providing us with accurate measurement of this risk,” says Dr Rich Walker, Mojo’s Senior Marine Operations Analyst. “With this latest development, Mermaid® can now report on the impact of technical breakdown. As it integrates seamlessly with the measurement of weather risk, I believe that this adds unrivalled sophistication to our risk analysis capabilities.”

Mermaid allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover the risks and identify critical operations prior to going offshore. A number of significant players in the marine industry already use Mermaid® to analyse their operations as relates to weather risk, but understanding how technical breakdown affects these operations has been a manual process. Now, Mermaid® allows the modelling of the breakdown of critical components and their repair process, in a predictable and deterministic way.

When a breakdown occurs, Mermaid’s sophisticated modelling capabilities allow for a realistic repair scenario:

  • When repairs require a return to port, Mermaid® harnesses its geographic awareness to automatically schedule the transits.
  • Where repairs are a complex operation requiring certain weather limits to be met, Mermaid® utilises its metocean awareness to ensure that the repair can be completed.
  • Where repairs are a sophisticated series of operations, Mermaid® uses its nested grouping and repeating capabilities to allow realistic modelling of the situation.
  • Where replacement components are on a lead time, or require transport from a distance, Mermaid® uses its ability to model multiple vessels and ports to provide a realistic and weathered component delivery time.

In summary, Mermaid® is the tool to ensure that you’ve got your risk covered for technical breakdown and repair.

The update including this capability will be automatically delivered as part of the fortnightly update cycle to all existing users of Mermaid® next week. Details of how to use the feature are available on the News and Tutorials pages at www.mojomermaid.com.

Mojo Maritime launches Mermaid, a sophisticated marine project optimisation system set to enable huge operational cost-savings

20 October 2015

Mojo Maritime launches Mermaid, a sophisticated marine project optimisation system set to enable huge operational cost-savings.
 Mermaid set to enable massive cost-savings through project and risk optimisation for a huge variety of marine operations
 Recently completed successful testing and feedback phase with key industry clients
 System allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover risks and critical operations prior to going offshore

After a successful period of detailed testing with a number of key clients, Mojo Maritime, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has launched its innovative marine operations planning and risk optimisation system, Mermaid.

Mermaid (Marine Economic Risk Management Aid) gives companies involved in marine operations increased understanding of the impact of weather and tidal forces on a project’s schedule. By accurately simulating marine operations against historical weather and tidal data, Mermaid enables enhanced decision-making in the early planning stages to support significant cost-savings through project optimisation.

The system, which has undergone testing on a range of users, including an industry leading project development company, two marine services companies and a leading Russell Group University, allowed Mojo to gain vital feedback on the system prior to launch.
“We were delighted to be asked to take part in the testing of Mojo’s Mermaid software. I have been very impressed by the standard of the software and the level of detail which can be derived and am in no doubt that this level of planning will become the norm.” Explained Tom Bewley, project engineer for Modus Seabed Intervention who supported the testing phase.

Mermaid will allow users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover risks and critical
operations prior to going offshore, enabling enhanced decision making in the early planning
stages, which can be critical to the success and cost-effectiveness of an operation.
Mojo has been using the software internally for the last two years as a consultancy tool, but it’s
now available as a stand-alone product. With significant interest from companies involved in
offshore operations, it is anticipated that Mermaid will prove popular for a number of key
applications, including project planning and optimisation, bid preparation and review, vessel and port selection, as well as weather risk profiling and design.
“Having used Mermaid to help our clients understand the impact of weather risk, we understand that there is huge value in being able to set up, edit and compare individual simulations. I am hugely excited that we can now offer this powerful software as a desktop version.” Explained Dr Richard Walker.

Mermaid already has a proven track record of success, having been deployed on a number of
projects for high profile clients in the offshore wind, wave and tidal sectors. The system was
used to analyse cable-laying methods for offshore wind farms to determine the preferred
method for cable storage and deployment and the vessel spread required to minimise cost,
duration and risk. It has also demonstrated when it’s possible to perform certain operations in
marginal weather (where critical tasks had formerly been suspended) with minimal risk.
Another case assessing the foundation installation for offshore windfarms found cost and time
could be halved by getting the installation vessel to track back and forth between the site and
port instead of trying to transfer equipment from barges at sea.

Mojo Maritime’s managing director, Richard Parkinson, said “The analysis we can perform with
Mermaid gives us invaluable knowledge of individual marine operations and allows cost and risk reduction to be performed early and successfully. We have demonstrated on numerous projects that Mermaid is accurate, informative and powerful.”


Notes to editor:
Mojo Maritime Ltd is a subsidiary of James Fisher and Sons plc. Mojo Maritime specialises in project management, engineering and consultancy services for the offshore renewable energy industry. With its experienced team of analysts, engineers, naval architects and master mariners Mojo has built a successful track record supporting multiple high profile projects in offshore wind, wave and tidal energy. In addition, Mojo actively develops a range of products geared towards reducing the inherent risks and costs of working offshore.

For more information visit: www.mojomaritime.com and www.mojomermaid.com
James Fisher and Sons plc is a leading service provider in all sectors of the marine industry and a specialist supplier of engineering services to the nuclear industry in the UK and abroad. With offices in Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, India, Australia and Africa, the company serves both the private and public sectors and adopts a practical approach to the management of assets and provision of high quality services, ensuring an appropriate use of technology and a sound understanding of each customer’s requirements. Building on the experience and expertise gained over more than 165 years of operating in the marine environment, James Fisher brings practical experience, innovation and commercial best practice to all clients’ projects and services.

For more information see www.james-fisher.com

Business contact:
Matt Hodson
Business Development Manager
Mojo Maritime Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)1326 218218
E-mail : matt.hodson@mojomaritime.com

Media contact:
Ruth Harvey
James Fisher and Sons plc
Tel: +44 (0)1565 652720
E-mail: ruth.harvey@james-fisher.com

Mojo Maritime tests its Mermaid marine operations project planning tool in readiness for launch.

  • Mermaid put through user acceptance testing with key clients prior to launch
  • Testing phase critical to deliver an easy to use system that provides sophisticated simulation of complex marine operations
  • Allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover risks and critical operations prior to going offshore

Mojo Maritime has developed an innovative marine project planning system, Mermaid, which gives companies involved in marine operations a more detailed understanding of the impact of weather and tidal forces on a project’s schedule, enabling enhanced decision making in the early planning stages.

Mermaid, Marine Economic Risk Management Aid, is an innovative software solution which accurately simulates marine operations against historical weather and tidal data to support significant cost-savings through project optimisation. The system is currently undergoing detailed testing with a number of key clients, with a view to launching towards the end of October 2015.

The user acceptance testing phase is critical to ensure that that the function, capability and usability of the software has been tested in real world situations. The feedback received from participating clients will be invaluable in ensuring that Mermaid is ready to take the marine industry’s planning processes onto the next level.

Mojo’s senior analyst, Dr Rich Walker, explains: “By calibrating accurate weather information dating back over many years (typically between 10 and 23 years), factoring in wave height, sea conditions, wind strength and current velocity and direction, Mermaid enables companies to select the best vessels, ports, methods and processes to suit any proposed project start date.”

Dr Walker adds: “This has massive cost-saving implications for a huge variety of marine operations from the offshore renewable market to the oil and gas industries, as well as the shipping and insurance world.”

The development of Mermaid began five years ago as Dr Walker’s PhD research at the University of Exeter and after several years use as a consultancy tool by Mojo, the company set its sights on making the software tool as accessible as possible.

“You cannot change the weather, but with Mermaid, you might be able to control the various elements of your project that are impacted by the weather, and engineer out your risk.”, concludes Dr Walker.

Wello's Penguin wave device. Source: Wello Oy. License: All rights reserved

EU Horizon 2020 programme grants EUR 17 million for wave power research project coordinated by Fortum

Wello's Penguin wave device. Source: Wello Oy. License: All rights reserved

Wello’s Penguin wave device. Source: Wello Oy. License: All rights reserved

Mojo Maritime are delighted to be involved in this game changing wave energy project.
The European Commission’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 has granted EUR 17 million in funding for the Clean Energy From Ocean Waves (CEFOW) research project that is coordinated by Fortum. The mission of the five-year project is to research and develop the use of the Penguin wave energy converter, developed by the Finnish company Wello, in electricity grid connected ocean conditions. The multi-device test project will be carried out at Wave Hub, the wave power-focussed test centre, located in Cornwall, Great Britain, where Fortum has a leased sea area.

In the project, Finnish wave power technology is being developed and operated in collaboration with British and Swedish experts. The EU has granted EUR 17 million of the project’s total budget of EUR 24.5 million. In addition to Fortum, the joint project consists of Wello Ltd, Mojo Maritime Ltd, Wave Hub Limited, Green Marine (UK) Ltd, Uppsala University, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter.

“Wave power may play an important role in the future as an emissions-free energy production form, and that is why Fortum is participating in the research and development efforts. By this project we are expecting to increase our capabilities and skills in the field of wave power. We believe that the funding from the European Commission and the experienced collaboration partners create excellent conditions for making great strides forward in commercializing Wello’s wave power technology,” says Heli Antila, Chief Technology Officer at Fortum. “On a global scale, this project is at the vanguard of wave power research,” Antila goes on to say.

Mojo Maritime's Tenth Anniversary Cake

Mojo celebrates 10 years at the forefront of the Offshore Renewable Energy Industry

Mojo Maritime's Tenth Anniversary Cake

Mojo Maritime’s Tenth Anniversary Cake

Mojo Maritime are celebrating the successful completion of 10 years in business, most of which has been focussed on the developing offshore renewable energy industry. The current Managing Director, Richard Parkinson, founded Mojo in Falmouth in late 2004 when he acquired the local vessel Portree 2. He said;
“In the early days, we were mainly focussed on supplying marine services and consultancy to the telecommunication cable industry, marine civil engineering projects and the oil and gas sectors. However, we quickly recognised the opportunities available in the nascent offshore renewable energy market.”
This strategic move saw the companies skill set and capabilities being applied to some of the unique challenges facing the offshore wind, wave and tidal energy developers. It was becoming clear that an innovative approach was often required to provide a cost effective solution, therefore Mojo’s technical capabilities were increased to support its core marine operations business. Mojo’s Technical Director, Richard Argall, explains;
“A large part of Mojo’s success, and growth, can be attributed to the way our marine operation solutions are underpinned by extensive technical rigour. This approach also means that our engineering solutions benefit from the involvement of our offshore teams’ hard won practical experience.”
After a period of sustained growth, a major milestone was reached in 2012 when the company restructured, strengthened its Board of Directors and took on inward investment in order to accelerate the development of key R&D projects. These have included the highly successful High Flow Installation Vessel project (HF4) and the development of the Marine Economic Risk Management AID (MERMAID) software package. Richard Parkinson explains;
“It had become clear to us that the offshore renewable industry required enabling solutions for the marine operation aspects of installation, operations and maintenance in order to be commercially viable. Our technical capability coupled with significant industry experience meant that we were in a unique position to take up the innovation challenge and design the products that the industry would need to move forward. That process has only strengthened us as a company and will underpin our continuing growth. We are very much looking forward to the next 10 years and beyond.”

Mojo France

Mojo Maritime Expands into France

Mojo Technical Director Richard Argal welcomes Mojo France's Ingénieur Responsible Filiale

Mojo Technical Director Richard Argal welcomes Max Morandeux, Mojo France’s Ingénieur Responsible Filiale

Mojo Maritime, the Falmouth based marine renewable energy experts, has expanded into France, having incorporated a wholly owned French subsidiary in response to the growing French tidal energy market.

Mojo Maritime France S.A.S. is headquartered in Cherbourg, Normandy, and has operations in Nantes, Western France. The company started trading on 1st May 2014 and has already begun the recruitment process. Over the next five years, Mojo Maritime expects its French office to consist of five people, bringing its total number of employees to 35.

The first project for Mojo Maritime France S.A.S. is the development of an innovative seabed preparation system which has applications for the tidal energy sector; a key area of development for the Cornish based company. This project is in conjunction with Cassis base company Geocean and is part funded by a grant administered by the French Government Agency ADEME.

Richard Parkinson, Managing Director of Mojo Maritime, commented: “The expansion of Mojo Maritime into France is an exciting step forward for us, as a Cornish-based business. We see the French tidal energy market as a key area of development and have been lucky enough to receive lots of support for our venture from local stakeholders. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Mojo in both the UK and France and will be on hand at All Energy this week to discuss our plans further.”

Earlier this year, Mojo Maritime secured funding to develop, build and test their low motion floating platform for offshore LiDAR measurements (LiDAR is an advanced technology deployed in support of offshore wind energy farms) and the French expansion further amplifies their growing business.

The South West will be well represented at the upcoming All Energy Show in Aberdeen on 21-22 May, where representatives from renewable energy companies will be on hand to discuss the region’s offerings in the renewable energy industry as part of the South West Marine Energy Park’s offer.

Mojo Maritime will be situated on stand M19.

Mojo Introduces Mermaid- Marine Economic Risk Management Aid

Installation cost and risk is a major factor in the long term viability of offshore marine projects particularly Round 3 Wind and Tidal Energy arrays. Cost reduction is necessary for these technologies to evolve. Unfortunately, cost reduction often involves increased risk – which can be very difficult to evaluate- lessons are nearly always learned the hard way with cost overruns, poor project/ contract management and weak installation strategies. This has led to the development of a powerful new planning software tool called Mermaid (acronym for Marine Economic Risk Management Aid).

Mermaid has been created through years of hard earned operational experience and combines sound offshore installation practice with advanced statistical analysis techniques. Mermaid is a validated software tool for the analysis of weather risk on offshore operations in the demanding environments experienced at marine energy sites, such as Round 3 wind farms and the Pentland Firth tidal developments. Mermaid already has a proven track record of successful utilization, having been deployed on a number of projects for high profile clients in the offshore wind, wave and the emerging tidal sector. The analysis of installation and O&M operations has assisted in design and financial decision making and the tool can be used for planning and evaluating offshore operations in any sector- renewables, offshore oil and gas, civils etc.

Mermaid considers all phases of an operation, including on and offshore work, vessel transit, mooring, dynamic positioning and jacking operations and the response to storm events. Mermaid is geo-spatially aware and utilizes multiple working locations, Metocean data sets and transit routes to consider diverse operations such as array installation. By analyzing work with multiple vessels, simultaneous operations and detailed operational tasks Mermaid models operations in a realistic manner. By considering multiple options, such as installation methods, device or foundation types or alternative vessels and ports, Mermaid can be used to select the most appropriate options for offshore work. This process leads to efficient project optimization, cost reduction and provides a robust engineering baseline to start prior to engaging expensive offshore assets.

This tool is very useful for evaluating risk and leading to a collaborative contractual negotiation where risks are reduced through robust engineering evaluation as opposed to contractual apportionment. The Mojo Mermaid team is well advanced in developing Mermaid Live- which allows live tracking of projects using combined live Metocean and forecast data along with continually updated learning processes.

Mojo Maritime’s Managing Director, Richard Parkinson, said “We are starting to feel real benefits of using Mermaid- this tool allows us to clearly demonstrate and justify decisions to our client using very thorough installation models- we can run multiple scenarios rapidly. it has been particularly effective in developing tidal arrays and evaluating new techniques for offshore wind”.