HF4 Tidal Energy

For tidal stream technology to develop into a viable energy solution, the cost of tidal array installation, operations and maintenance must be driven down significantly. Current offshore vessels, can only work during neap slack waters, whereas the HF4 is capable of holding station and performing operations regardless of the tidal cycle. The HF4 can carry out the full range of operations required to install, maintain and decommission tidal energy projects.

Foundation Installation

The HF4 has been developed with the capability to install both monopile and tripod foundations. Using Bauer Renewables subsea drilling capabilities, a 2 meter diameter monopile foundation can be installed in as little as 30 hours. When compared to gravity based foundations, monopiles and tripods have an extensive cost-advantage, as a result of their limited capital costs.

Turbine Installation

Following the successful installation of the turbine support structure and the supporting infrastructure, the HF4 can easily install or recover turbines. Using the highly capable A-Frame in combination with smart lifting frames, operations can be carried out in a safe, efficient manner.