HF4 Offshore Wind

As the offshore wind industry slowly matures, and projects are being developed further offshore, the industry is faced with the challenges of operations and maintenance. A lot of these challenges relate of physically accessing the offshore wind turbines, and the supporting subsea infrastructure. With these challenges in mind, the HF4 can be fitted with the required tools, to provide competitive, cost-effective solutions.

Walk to Work

The HF4’s excellent station keeping limits combined with its high stability make it an excellent platform to access offshore wind turbines. The HF4 has been designed to allow a wide range of supportive tools, including heave compensated gangways for safe crew transfers.
Using the heave compensated gangway, crews can safely get to and from offshore structures. The vessel has ample accommodation and leisure facilities, serving up to 60 personnel on board. Fitted with ample workshop and storage space, the HF4 allows repair and maintenance crews to bring specialist equipment.

HF4 offshore wind - walk to work

Cable Laying

As a result of its ample power supply and twin Voith Schneider Propellors both forward and aft, the HF4 is excellent for inter-array cable trenching and cable laying. Contrary to classic cable ships, the HF4 can easily manoeuvre and lay cables in tight configurations at challenging angles.

Cable Trenching

OSW_trenching_1_6 OSW_trenching_2_2

Trencher deployed

Trencher working