Quality Policy

It is the policy of MOJO Maritime Limited to ensure that products and services provided to customers are fit for their intended purpose, conform to Customer Requirements, National and International Standards and Company Procedures, and to continually improve the quality of these goods and services.

This responsibility and commitment is practiced and communicated from senior management and is achieved through the application of quality management principles with the focus on:

  • Committed application of marine and engineering skills
  • Committed, multi-skilled and enthusiastic team
  • Alignment of our objectives with those of our clients and delivering a successful project, on time, within budget and a successful risk management.
  • Developing a strong support network through our supply chain
  • Applying innovation, research and development initiatives to achieve our objectives.
  • Promoting a culture of continual improvement through the adherence to good quality management practices.
  • Ensuring customer information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and that rigorous measures for the security of information are in place.
  • Confirming a commitment to the health, safety and welfare of staff through a corporate responsibility and open dialogue at all levels
  • Committing to training and empowering staff to fulfill their role within the company

The Management Review Meeting is the vehicle used to both set and monitor measurable and achievable quality objectives and to promote a theme of continual improvement.
The Quality Policy will be displayed in prominent positions throughout MOJO Maritime Limited’s facilities, and will form part of all new employee induction training. This Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its continued suitability.