Environmental Policy

Mojo Maritime’s core business is the provision of marine project management services to the Offshore Renewable Energy Industry and, as such, we demonstrate a clear commitment to a more sustainable future. This commitment is extended to ensuring that all our operations and activities are carefully planned with protection of the environment as a priority. We recognise that all our activities have an impact on the environment and aim to minimise these impacts through our Environmental Management System.

Mojo Maritime is committed to:

• Evaluate and assess all our operations to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and other requirements that the company subscribes to – such as industry codes of practice and the requirements of the accreditation schemes that we have achieved.

• The prevention of pollution

• Promote a culture of environmental responsibility within our organization and within our projects.

• The more efficient and responsible use of raw materials, energy and other resources

• Minimising the effect of resource use and pollution from vehicles used in our business activities.

• The continual improvement of environmental performance through the setting of objectives and targets.

This Environmental Policy Is communicated to everyone working for or on behalf of the company and is available to the public upon request.

Mojo Maritime strive to promote the renewable industry, and provide representation on a number of regional panels in support of green energy development.