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Mojo Maritime completes landmark tidal turbine installation at MeyGen, as it rebrands to James Fisher Marine Services

Mojo Maritime, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has completed its landmark 15th tidal turbine installation, cementing its reputation as a world leading tidal array constructor.

The milestone installation, which coincides with Mojo’s rebranding to James Fisher Marine Services Ltd (JFMS), was completed at the MeyGen tidal energy site, located in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth, Scotland. It is the fourth and final tidal turbine installation for Phase 1a of the project, for which JFMS was awarded principal contractor status two years ago.
John Goddard, JFMS’s senior project manager, said of the achievement:

“Not only have we hit a monumental milestone as a company, we have completed installation of the fourth tidal turbine at MeyGen.

“MeyGen has been a fantastic, innovative and forward thinking project to work on and we’re excited for what the future holds!”

Since being acquired by James Fisher and Sons plc group in 2015, Mojo has come to be seen as the architect of world leading techniques, skills, products and services for the tidal energy construction market. This has included the pioneering use of DP 2 vessels – traditionally used in the offshore oil and gas sector – specially configured by Mojo for use on tidal energy projects, and the provision of three bespoke tidal turbine launch and recovery systems (LARS) for use in high energy tidal sites to cope with the demanding environment.

The development and use of these types of tools – specifically for the tidal energy industry – is unique to Mojo, notes technical director Richard Argall:

“By lending our offshore expertise and engineering design skills to tidal energy products, we can help the developer focus on power generation and reliability, safe in the knowledge their construction is efficiently being taken care of.”

Over the years Mojo’s experience has grown, becoming the knowledge centre for executing tidal energy operations in some of the most challenging seas in the world, a reputation that has been reinforced by working with leading tidal energy developers for the installation and retrieval of turbines, including; Marine Current Turbines, Voith, Atlantis Resources, Tidal Energy Limited, Sabella and Minesto.

These skills, experiences and capabilities have been deployed not only in the UK but also in France, through Mojo’s French subsidiary, which will be retaining the Mojo Maritime France title. Recent work in France saw Mojo Maritime France lead with the retrieval of Sabella’s D10 tidal turbine, which saw the company recognised for its expertise developing innovative and robust solutions for the complex project.

Looking to the future, Mojo Maritime UK’s rebrand to James Fisher Marine Services during 2017, where it will be joined by James Fisher Subsea and Hughes SSE, provides an ideal opportunity for the company to continue leading the tidal energy sector as it moves through pilot arrays to full scale commercial deployments.

Wello's Penguin wave device. Source: Wello Oy. License: All rights reserved

EU Horizon 2020 programme grants EUR 17 million for wave power research project coordinated by Fortum

Wello's Penguin wave device. Source: Wello Oy. License: All rights reserved

Wello’s Penguin wave device. Source: Wello Oy. License: All rights reserved

Mojo Maritime are delighted to be involved in this game changing wave energy project.
The European Commission’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 has granted EUR 17 million in funding for the Clean Energy From Ocean Waves (CEFOW) research project that is coordinated by Fortum. The mission of the five-year project is to research and develop the use of the Penguin wave energy converter, developed by the Finnish company Wello, in electricity grid connected ocean conditions. The multi-device test project will be carried out at Wave Hub, the wave power-focussed test centre, located in Cornwall, Great Britain, where Fortum has a leased sea area.

In the project, Finnish wave power technology is being developed and operated in collaboration with British and Swedish experts. The EU has granted EUR 17 million of the project’s total budget of EUR 24.5 million. In addition to Fortum, the joint project consists of Wello Ltd, Mojo Maritime Ltd, Wave Hub Limited, Green Marine (UK) Ltd, Uppsala University, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter.

“Wave power may play an important role in the future as an emissions-free energy production form, and that is why Fortum is participating in the research and development efforts. By this project we are expecting to increase our capabilities and skills in the field of wave power. We believe that the funding from the European Commission and the experienced collaboration partners create excellent conditions for making great strides forward in commercializing Wello’s wave power technology,” says Heli Antila, Chief Technology Officer at Fortum. “On a global scale, this project is at the vanguard of wave power research,” Antila goes on to say.