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Mojo Maritime recognised for its expertise in complex tidal turbine retrieval project.

• Mojo successfully retrieves SABELLA’s D10 tidal energy turbine device during first phase of
complex marine engineering project
• Mojo utilises innovative marine operations planning system, Mermaid®, which mitigated against weather and extreme tidal risks of project
• Turbine retrieval will allow device maintenance and optimisation to ensure a continued secure source of electricity

Selected as the world leader in tidal energy marine operations, Mojo Maritime – subsidiary of James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS), was awarded a contract with SABELLA SAS (SABELLA). A French tidal energy company, SABELLA required the retrieval and demonstration of re-installation of its D10 tidal turbine to enable planned maintenance to improve a continued secure source of electricity power supply.

The scope of the first phase of the tidal device contract included the design and manufacture of bespoke, project critical equipment, a remote launch and recovery system and docking frame, which were both manufactured and commissioned to a high standard exceptionally quickly to meet a very short lead time due to the project’s demanding schedule. The D10 turbine will be reinstalled during the autumn after a period of maintenance.

SABELLA’s D10 tidal turbine is the first device to have ever exported electricity onto the French power grid, achieving 70MWh of production so far. The device has been installed to provide electricity to nearby isolated Ushant Island, which previously produced all of its electricity with diesel generators, and its inhabitants are the first people to consume marine generated electricity in France.

Fanch Le Bris, SABELLA’s CEO said; “SABELLA’s team really enjoyed working with Mojo on this complex project with number of engineering and maritime challenges. We as a team have really appreciated your close collaboration, high level expertise and your capacity to manage potential situations of stress.”

The retrieval project was lead locally through Mojo Maritime France SA to allow efficient project management with SABELLA, local sub-contractors and coordination of all logistics within French waters. The operation was undertaken using the DP-3 vessel Aker Wayfarer.

Le Bris continued; “We also would like to highlight the quality of the vessel, ROV and all equipment involved in this operation which are also the key of success in such hostile environment as the Fromveur strait.”

Mojo Maritime is renowned for its specialist project management and consultancy services, utilising its sophisticated marine operations planning and analysis system, Mermaid®, to provide advanced understanding of the weather risk of the device retrieval project, and its potential impact on the schedule to enable significant cost reductions and project optimisation.

Richard Parkinson commented on the project’s success; “We are very pleased to have executed the first phase of this project against challenging deadlines. I am very proud of the Mojo team for developing innovative and robust solutions allowing for rapid, efficient and safe retrieval and reinstallation of the turbine. The design and fabrication of the LARS and berth in such a short time, just 4 weeks, was very impressive and took a huge effort. The results were excellent and we were able to draw on years of experience operating on tidal energy projects.”

The contract is a continuation of JFMS and Mojo Maritime’s success in the marine energy sector, which includes the Ramsay sound and MeyGen projects, and is a timely win, as the French government has recently committed to significant investment in marine renewable energy over the next seven years. Marine energy is part of its energy transition plan to build sustainable, green growth, with an aim of achieving 100MW of installed projects by 2023 and JFMS and Mojo are extremely well placed to deliver their combined expertise.

Mojo Maritime delighted to supply marine project management services for DeltaStream Installation

TEL_Press_Release_IMGLeading tidal energy marine operations contractor Mojo Maritime Ltd led the installation of the first Welsh tidal energy generator in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire this weekend

DeltaStream, developed by Cardiff-based Tidal Energy Ltd, will become one of the first grid-connected demonstration devices worldwide to generate green, sustainable and predictable tidal power. Weighing 200 tonnes, with a frame 16m long and height of 18m, the 400kW demonstration device has a gravity-based foundation which sits on the seabed under its own weight, without the need to drill or pile the structure into the seabed.

Working closely with Tidal Energy, Mojo developed the installation plan and managed the specialist services required to complete the works in the challenging tidal streams experienced in the region. This included Dynamic Positioning (DP2) vessel operations, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), hydrographic survey, heavy lift, cable operations and marine project management.

The patented DeltaStream device was loaded off the quayside in Pembroke Port on Sunday 13th December by the offshore construction vessel ‘Siem Daya 1’ before making the short passage to Ramsey Sound for installation during a suitable tidal window.

Managing Director of Mojo Maritime, Richard Parkinson said, “The deployment of DeltaStream marks a significant achievement for all involved and Mojo is delighted to have been able to support the Tidal Energy team in reaching this important milestone.”

Chris Williams, Development Director of TEL added, “We have worked closely with the local supply chain and contractors to install the necessary infrastructure to make this project happen. We would like to thank Mojo for their hard work, resilience and support which has helped us reach this pivotal milestone.”

Mermaid helps Jan De Nul Group in better assessing weather risk for offshore operations

Mojo Maritime are pleased to announce that offshore construction specialists Jan De Nul Group are now licenced for Mermaid® use.

Mermaid allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover the risks and identify critical operations before going offshore. A number of significant players in the marine industry already use Mermaid to analyse their operations as relates to weather risk; Jan De Nul are the latest to join the user group.

Dr Rich Walker, Senior Marine Operations Analyst at Mojo Maritime said, “Jan De Nul Group share our philosophy for reducing operational risk and we’re delighted to have them as an active part of our Mermaid user community.”

Sven Cras, Project Engineer in Offshore Renewables at Jan De Nul Group said, “The prompt user assistance from Mojo Maritime was definitely an important advantage when we chose the Mermaid licence.”

To find out more, visit

James Fisher Marine Services completes first phase of work on the trail-blazing MeyGen tidal energy project off the coast of Scotland

Using cutting edge technology and high-levels of expertise, James Fisher group companies have pulled together to successfully kick-start the MeyGen renewable energy project in one of the world’s most challenging tidal sites.

The first piece of work involved laying four subsea cables under the waters of Pentland Firth Inner Sound which experiences incredibly high tidal rates. These currents (of up to six knots) make operations very difficult for vessels and ROVs, so an advanced level of planning, coupled with the careful selection of suitable equipment, is essential.

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) led the charge with marine management specialists, Mojo Maritime (Mojo) acting as project leaders coordinating all offshore activities.

The Mojo team used its innovative marine project planning system, Mermaid, to identify a short four-day weather/tide window at the end of September when the cables could be laid. Mojo then selected a vessel capable not only of laying the 11km of cabling, but also equipped with dynamic positioning so it could maintain a steady hold in the extreme tidal conditions. Although highly ambitious, the tight schedule was achieved – in fact the challenging offshore operation took just two and a half days.

Richard Parkinson managing director at Mojo Maritime (Mojo) and offshore project leader onboard the cable-laying vessel worked closely with technical co-ordinator, Andreas Hibler and two bridge supervisors as well as the survey and deck teams. He says: ‘It is a credit to the relentless effort of the team that we were able to achieve a highly optimised cable pull and lay program in such challenging conditions.’

‘The tight schedule reduced risk and cost but mobilisation was very compressed which required extensive input from our engineers,’ he adds.

By utilising specialist in-house expertise from a number of group companies (James Fisher Subsea provided diving services, James Fisher Offshore supplied marine equipment and Fendercare Marine sorted mooring systems) the James Fisher team was able to come up with an integrated solution which delivered significant cost benefits and operational efficiencies to MeyGen.

‘I’m proud of our significant success at this project milestone,’ says JFMS managing director Richard Burmeister, ‘It’s amazing what we can achieve by bringing-in specialist expertise from across the group and working together to deliver a seamlessly integrated solution for MeyGen that not only improved cost-effectiveness, but operational efficiency as well.’

Tim Cornelius, chief executive officer of the Atlantis group (majority owner of MeyGen), adds: ‘This is an excellent result for the project. Completing the installation campaign safely and on time is a commendable achievement by our onshore and offshore teams. After all the planning it is very rewarding to see the offshore infrastructure taking shape for this trail-blazing project.’

Mermaid addresses technical breakdown on marine operations

Mojo Maritime are pleased to announce that Mermaid®, their innovative marine operations planning and weather risk analysis tool, now addresses technical breakdown on marine operations.

“Weather is a critical and difficult-to-control risk on marine operations; and for many years, Mermaid® has been providing us with accurate measurement of this risk,” says Dr Rich Walker, Mojo’s Senior Marine Operations Analyst. “With this latest development, Mermaid® can now report on the impact of technical breakdown. As it integrates seamlessly with the measurement of weather risk, I believe that this adds unrivalled sophistication to our risk analysis capabilities.”

Mermaid allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover the risks and identify critical operations prior to going offshore. A number of significant players in the marine industry already use Mermaid® to analyse their operations as relates to weather risk, but understanding how technical breakdown affects these operations has been a manual process. Now, Mermaid® allows the modelling of the breakdown of critical components and their repair process, in a predictable and deterministic way.

When a breakdown occurs, Mermaid’s sophisticated modelling capabilities allow for a realistic repair scenario:

  • When repairs require a return to port, Mermaid® harnesses its geographic awareness to automatically schedule the transits.
  • Where repairs are a complex operation requiring certain weather limits to be met, Mermaid® utilises its metocean awareness to ensure that the repair can be completed.
  • Where repairs are a sophisticated series of operations, Mermaid® uses its nested grouping and repeating capabilities to allow realistic modelling of the situation.
  • Where replacement components are on a lead time, or require transport from a distance, Mermaid® uses its ability to model multiple vessels and ports to provide a realistic and weathered component delivery time.

In summary, Mermaid® is the tool to ensure that you’ve got your risk covered for technical breakdown and repair.

The update including this capability will be automatically delivered as part of the fortnightly update cycle to all existing users of Mermaid® next week. Details of how to use the feature are available on the News and Tutorials pages at

Mojo Maritime attends ITES 2015, supporting the reduction of cost and risk in the tidal sector around the world

23rd November 2015

Mojo Maritime attends ITES 2015, supporting the reduction of cost and risk in the tidal sector around the world.

  • Mojo Maritime are proud to sponsor ITES this week, the theme of which reflects the core competencies of Mojo Maritime: The reduction of cost and risk on marine operations.
  • Day 1: Mojo Maritime presenting on the theme of “Tackling the risks and costs around marine operations”.
  • Day 2: Mojo Maritime participating in the panel discussion on the same topic.
  • Demonstrating Mermaid®, their proven marine operations planning and risk optimisation tool, on Stand 3 throughout the conference.

With many years of experience in delivering risk-optimised operations in the tidal sector, Mojo Maritime, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, are looking forward to supporting ITES this year. Having successfully completed the subsea cable-laying works for Phase 1A of Meygen’s pioneering 398MW tidal array during September, Mojo will be presenting their approach to reducing the risk on this and other marine operations during the session “Tackling the risks and costs around marine operations” at 17:00 on day 1, and participating in the panel discussion on the same topic at 10:45 on day 2.

Mojo Maritime will also be demonstrating Mermaid®, the market-leading marine operations planning and risk optimisation tool, throughout the conference. Mermaid® has been used for many years by Mojo Maritime in planning their operations and providing consultancy services. Earlier this year, Mermaid® was released as a professional and easy to use standalone software tool to support and promote effective risk management throughout the industry. Come to Stand 3 for a demonstration of how you can use Mermaid® to optimise your projects.


Mojo Maritime launches Mermaid, a sophisticated marine project optimisation system set to enable huge operational cost-savings

20 October 2015

Mojo Maritime launches Mermaid, a sophisticated marine project optimisation system set to enable huge operational cost-savings.
 Mermaid set to enable massive cost-savings through project and risk optimisation for a huge variety of marine operations
 Recently completed successful testing and feedback phase with key industry clients
 System allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover risks and critical operations prior to going offshore

After a successful period of detailed testing with a number of key clients, Mojo Maritime, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has launched its innovative marine operations planning and risk optimisation system, Mermaid.

Mermaid (Marine Economic Risk Management Aid) gives companies involved in marine operations increased understanding of the impact of weather and tidal forces on a project’s schedule. By accurately simulating marine operations against historical weather and tidal data, Mermaid enables enhanced decision-making in the early planning stages to support significant cost-savings through project optimisation.

The system, which has undergone testing on a range of users, including an industry leading project development company, two marine services companies and a leading Russell Group University, allowed Mojo to gain vital feedback on the system prior to launch.
“We were delighted to be asked to take part in the testing of Mojo’s Mermaid software. I have been very impressed by the standard of the software and the level of detail which can be derived and am in no doubt that this level of planning will become the norm.” Explained Tom Bewley, project engineer for Modus Seabed Intervention who supported the testing phase.

Mermaid will allow users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover risks and critical
operations prior to going offshore, enabling enhanced decision making in the early planning
stages, which can be critical to the success and cost-effectiveness of an operation.
Mojo has been using the software internally for the last two years as a consultancy tool, but it’s
now available as a stand-alone product. With significant interest from companies involved in
offshore operations, it is anticipated that Mermaid will prove popular for a number of key
applications, including project planning and optimisation, bid preparation and review, vessel and port selection, as well as weather risk profiling and design.
“Having used Mermaid to help our clients understand the impact of weather risk, we understand that there is huge value in being able to set up, edit and compare individual simulations. I am hugely excited that we can now offer this powerful software as a desktop version.” Explained Dr Richard Walker.

Mermaid already has a proven track record of success, having been deployed on a number of
projects for high profile clients in the offshore wind, wave and tidal sectors. The system was
used to analyse cable-laying methods for offshore wind farms to determine the preferred
method for cable storage and deployment and the vessel spread required to minimise cost,
duration and risk. It has also demonstrated when it’s possible to perform certain operations in
marginal weather (where critical tasks had formerly been suspended) with minimal risk.
Another case assessing the foundation installation for offshore windfarms found cost and time
could be halved by getting the installation vessel to track back and forth between the site and
port instead of trying to transfer equipment from barges at sea.

Mojo Maritime’s managing director, Richard Parkinson, said “The analysis we can perform with
Mermaid gives us invaluable knowledge of individual marine operations and allows cost and risk reduction to be performed early and successfully. We have demonstrated on numerous projects that Mermaid is accurate, informative and powerful.”


Notes to editor:
Mojo Maritime Ltd is a subsidiary of James Fisher and Sons plc. Mojo Maritime specialises in project management, engineering and consultancy services for the offshore renewable energy industry. With its experienced team of analysts, engineers, naval architects and master mariners Mojo has built a successful track record supporting multiple high profile projects in offshore wind, wave and tidal energy. In addition, Mojo actively develops a range of products geared towards reducing the inherent risks and costs of working offshore.

For more information visit: and
James Fisher and Sons plc is a leading service provider in all sectors of the marine industry and a specialist supplier of engineering services to the nuclear industry in the UK and abroad. With offices in Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, India, Australia and Africa, the company serves both the private and public sectors and adopts a practical approach to the management of assets and provision of high quality services, ensuring an appropriate use of technology and a sound understanding of each customer’s requirements. Building on the experience and expertise gained over more than 165 years of operating in the marine environment, James Fisher brings practical experience, innovation and commercial best practice to all clients’ projects and services.

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Mojo Maritime @ Ocean Energy Europe 2015, Dublin, 20-21 October

Ocean Energy Europe’s annual conference & exhibition is the most important gathering of the year for the ocean energy sector in Europe. The 2-day event will bring together 500 high-level professionals for a comprehensive conference programme and lively exhibition.

The wide-ranging conference programme features 50+ speakers, including European ministers, an EU Commissioner and leading industry figures. The 300m2 exhibition offers unrivalled networking opportunities with international exhibitors representing all parts of the sector.  In addition, several side events and a gala dinner at Dublin Castle will make sure that delegates get the most out of their trip to Dublin. OEE2015 signature Mojo Maritime

Mojo Maritime tests its Mermaid marine operations project planning tool in readiness for launch.

  • Mermaid put through user acceptance testing with key clients prior to launch
  • Testing phase critical to deliver an easy to use system that provides sophisticated simulation of complex marine operations
  • Allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover risks and critical operations prior to going offshore

Mojo Maritime has developed an innovative marine project planning system, Mermaid, which gives companies involved in marine operations a more detailed understanding of the impact of weather and tidal forces on a project’s schedule, enabling enhanced decision making in the early planning stages.

Mermaid, Marine Economic Risk Management Aid, is an innovative software solution which accurately simulates marine operations against historical weather and tidal data to support significant cost-savings through project optimisation. The system is currently undergoing detailed testing with a number of key clients, with a view to launching towards the end of October 2015.

The user acceptance testing phase is critical to ensure that that the function, capability and usability of the software has been tested in real world situations. The feedback received from participating clients will be invaluable in ensuring that Mermaid is ready to take the marine industry’s planning processes onto the next level.

Mojo’s senior analyst, Dr Rich Walker, explains: “By calibrating accurate weather information dating back over many years (typically between 10 and 23 years), factoring in wave height, sea conditions, wind strength and current velocity and direction, Mermaid enables companies to select the best vessels, ports, methods and processes to suit any proposed project start date.”

Dr Walker adds: “This has massive cost-saving implications for a huge variety of marine operations from the offshore renewable market to the oil and gas industries, as well as the shipping and insurance world.”

The development of Mermaid began five years ago as Dr Walker’s PhD research at the University of Exeter and after several years use as a consultancy tool by Mojo, the company set its sights on making the software tool as accessible as possible.

“You cannot change the weather, but with Mermaid, you might be able to control the various elements of your project that are impacted by the weather, and engineer out your risk.”, concludes Dr Walker.